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"Growing up watching my father go from faithful church member and minister to fearless soldier in the streets for God, Game changer in the Spirit realm, God's man of faith and power , I was in awe of him and what he stood for.  He made sure my sister and I were involved in his ministry when God called him, the whole family went!  There we were on the one of the meanest streets in Penns Grove.  Mommy standing near Daddy praying all the way.    Daddy would get the sound equipment complete with piano and my sister Jacci and I and Bishop Freddy Washington, later my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Carolyn Hinmon would be out on the flat bed truck.  We sang until the people gathered....then Daddy's voice would thunder throughout the streets and people ended up getting saved....He and his friends fixed up a bar that had been closed down because of a murder and turned it into Soul Saving Center.  He'd gone to NYC to Soul Saving Station to mentor under Bishop Jesse Winley to learn successful outreach ministry....He preached in prisons and in the streets for almost 40 years.  To date everywhere he preached on every street corner, next to every bar is quietly vacant.  God shut every evil establishment where he would set up, under threats to his family and himself, he remained faithful and fearless"

....And his daughter Mikki would pick up where he left off....

Mikki and her husband Glenn lived in Phila until the Lord began to speak to Glenn about moving to Salem.  As Mikki cared for her dad who was on hospice, she spent many nights listening to him, his stories, reflections, and his love for God as well as his advice.  Soon Mikki became aware that God loved Salem and that she was somehow inheriting the compassion and love that her father had for Salem....The church was closed but she would spend time there sitting in the middle of the floor reading about the "valley of dry bones" aloud to the church.  She knew God wanted it open.  She knew she was the one who was to re-open the church as Pastor.  She knew God was placing her Dad's mantle on her.

Overseer, Dr. James Hinmon, Mikki's Uncle and her father's brother ordained her and Pastor David Farina, Mikki's Spiritual Father, installed her in the church as Pastor.

From background singer to the stars to Pastor was quite a leap but it was God's doing!

Pastor Michelle "Mikki" Kornegay has come to the place where she understands why God chose her to continue her Father's ministry.  "God made promises to Daddy, He's a promise keeper and so much is yet to be fulfilled in Soul Saving Center's ministry!"

Graduating from Zion Bible College with a BA in Biblical Studies and MA.E in Educational Leadership from Arcadia University, Pastor Mikki finds great joy in teaching and preaching the Word of God and believes that many will be saved because she will never give up on the lost as long as the blood of Jesus NEVER loses it's power!   She is married to the love of her life....Minister Glenn "Frosty" Kornegay who is her best friend and her rock.

Glenn is gifted in so many areas from creative arts to bringing out the best in those with intellectual and physical disabilities.  His goal is to honor God with his gifts.  Glenn has devoted himself to the community in which God has placed. him.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, only God could have given him a heart for small town living and given him "God-Ideas" that will enrich the youth of the community as he partners with community organizations to bring creative arts to those who would never otherwise experience how powerful the arts can be.

Glenn is an awesome writer and together with his wife Mikki the creating of worship music is always a natural sound in their home.  

God has gifted Glenn with wisdom and patience to hear His voice and then obey.

He wears so many hats in Soul Saving Center and is a true man of God, centered, committed and faithful to the cause of Christ.

Pastor Mikki Kornegay

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